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Mahfuj Alom
Jun 22, 2022
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Editor's guide: Books are the ladder of human progress, but paper books are heavy and cannot be carried around. In response to this situation, e-books have bulk sms service begun to be widely used, and reading software has sprung up. The author of this article will take Palm Reading, Netease Snail Reading, and WeChat Reading as examples to analyze their differentiated play styles and share them with you. 1. Competitive selection 1. Palm reading (reading veterans, the record remains the same) According to the 2020 Palm Review semi-annual report, in the first half of the year, the company bulk sms service continued to develop commercial value-added services in the process of continuous integration of the new Internet monetization model combining paid + free, and the number of users continued to grow. The average number of monthly active users in the first half of 2020 up to 170 million. 2. Netease Snail Reading (best quality, unique niche) NetEase bulk sms service launched "NetEase Snail Reading" in 2016, and its "free one-hour reading" time payment model of "time reveals true knowledge" has become a clear stream among many reading software. 3. WeChat reading (overtaking halfway, rising star) At present, WeChat Reading has 210 million registered users and more than 5 million daily active users, of which more than 60% are young users aged 19-35, and 80% are those with a bulk sms service bachelor's degree or above. Image source: Master Cicada 2. Community structure and operation of each product The above three apps have achieved "easy reading" in terms of reading experience and access to book resources. In addition, the three apps have the function of community. I think there are two problems that should be solved by reading the community in the app: First, when bulk sms service users don’t know what book to read, the community provides the source of the book The second is that reading itself is a consuming exercise that requires concentration, especially under the interference of mobile phones, it is very difficult to concentrate on reading, so it is very important for users to keep using the reading APP. 1. Palm reading: follow the sticker bar and I will tell you something Let’s take a brief look at the community practice of Palm Reading. After entering the “Discovery” portal of Palm Read, the APP will recommend some other users to follow and build a social circle. These users provided by bulk sms service the platform are all ordinary users, and there are various types, such as those randomly assigned by the system.
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Mahfuj Alom

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