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chandna rani
Apr 04, 2022
In Welcome to the Q&A Forum
The state is back to stay The States intervene and the war economy returns, with nationalizations and confiscations. But perhaps the important thing is not how states behave in war, but in times of peace. Will the post-covid world be more mobile phone number list interventionist and protectionist? It is very possible that yes. In the first place, because of a basic question of how States behave when they accumulate more power. As a report in The Economist explains , "history tells us that after crises, States do not usually give up the land they have conquered"5. As economic historian Larry Neal puts it, the Industrial Revolution "came precisely during and as a consequence of the Napoleonic wars" of the late mobile phone number list eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries . Since then, states have progressively increased in size. As the British weekly article explains, The maximum rate of income tax in France in 1914 was zero; a year after the end of the war it was 50%. Canada introduced income tax in 1917 as a "temporary" measure to finance the mobile phone number list war. During World War II, income tax changed from a "class tax" to a "mass tax," increasing its contribution base from seven million people in 1940 to 42 million in 1945. It is also very possible that the deglobalization process mobile phone number list that we have been experiencing for a few years (with trade and tariff wars, a trend towards protectionism, populist right-wing parties opposed to international trade and trade agreements) will continue its course. In the short and medium term, the countries will prioritize self-sufficiency and national production, especially of raw materials. We will forget about budget deficits and debt levels for a while.

chandna rani

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